Norma Forbes
Executive Director

Message From Our Executive Director

I have always said Fresno HCAP is about collaboration.  This year has proven that is true once again.  We have worked effectively with our tried and true collaborators, the Children’s Health Initiative for Fresno County.  As the health care environment has continued to deteriorate, we are also surrounding ourselves with new partners.  We have grown our Board membership to include Valley Health Team.  We are now working with an impressive Access to Care Task Force and a multi-county California Agricultural Workers and Health Reform Coalition.  We have reinvigorated our OERU III Coalition, since we believe that our Certified Application Assistors are critical to successfully serving the diverse populations in need of health insurance in Fresno County.  We are working more actively with the statewide California Children’s Health Initiatives and Covering Kids and Families.  There is definitely strength in numbers! 

However, the other key attribute we embrace is change.  We have proven to be flexible enough to weather dramatic health care fiscal crises at the local, state and federal levels..  We have grown our organization, and our programs and services.    Our web site has changed to reflect that. 

Through collaboration and change, we remain dedicated to our mission of increasing access to care for underserved communities in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley.  We see many challenges near at hand and in the distance.  Thanks to all of our partners and with Board and staff leadership, we face these challenges with confidence.  Please join us as we continue to work together in 2009 to improve access to health care for the medically underserved.