As part of our goal of increasing the health of children in our community and the Children's Health Initiative project as well as addressing ACA requirement, One-e-App was chosen to assist in application intake.

 One-e-App takes in the important information about the family that is applying for coverage (including but not limited to name, address, date of birth, and income). One-e-App allows for the application to be taken in by a Certified Application Assistor (CAA) or Certified Enrollment Counselor (CEC) and One-e-App completes the calculation for them and then displays a "Preliminary Eligibility Result". Once the family is aware of what their child(ren) and/or adult(s) may be eligible for, they can choose what they would like to submit an application for. From that point the application is routed to the appropriate program (Medi-Cal) for final determination of eligibility. One-e-App also will screen for FoodStamps (CalFresh) as well as referrals to other public programs.  

One-e-App helps to minimize mistakes in applications as well as making sure that the right application is completed as opposed to submitting for all programs just to find out what program may be applicable.

We also have a wonderful opportunity via the CHI and One-e-App to help the family to get into a medical home to receive preventative care as opposed to emergency care.

Because of the use of One-e-App over 4,000 children have successfully applied for Medi-Cal.

Talking Points

  • One-e-App is designed to streamline the application and enrollment process for publicly-funded programs into "one electronic application"
    • Speeds up the application and enrollment process 
  • Simplifies the maze in which applicants must go through to apply for programs
    • Creates a "one stop shop" for applicants
  • Ability to immediately retrieve information given to an eligibility worker (EW) or Certified Application Assistor (CAA) or Certified Enrollment Counselor (CEC).
  • Aids in retention of those eligible for continuing use of publicly-funded programs
  • One-e-App ties into several public programs
    • Medi-Cal (Children and Adults)
    • Food Stamps (CalFresh)
    • Indigent programs
    • Others will be developed
  • Client information is transmitted and stored securely
  • Training for One-e-App can take as little as 1/2 day
  • 10 other California counties and states like Arizona, Maryland and Indiana are currently using the product successfully
  • For more information: